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Advance Land and Timber offers buyer's representation and assistance when purchasing hunting, farmland, timberland or investment land in Mississippi.

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Locate your very own land for sale Mississippi. The Northeast, East Central, Southwest, Southeast and Delta regions of Mississippi are all brimming with real estate opportunities for investors. Whether you’re searching for a quiet vacation getaway on the coast or a hunter’s paradise, Advance Land and Timber can help you find your dream property in Mississippi.

Land for Sale Mississippi

Hunting Land for Sale Mississippi

Buying and Selling Land in Mississippi

Vacant land in Mississippi is an excellent investment opportunity for anyone looking for a safe investment or a dynamic entrepreneurial location. Premium hardwoods, unparalleled hunting and fishing land and affordable property for development are all accessible throughout the state.

Prices of land in Mississippi are continuing to rise. While current prices are affordable enough to still be a worthwhile investment, appreciation makes almost any property you purchase a growing investment.

Unlike typical residential real estate, buying land can be an incredibly freeing investment. The economic and recreational opportunities with land are incredibly diverse. Here are just a few ways you can enjoy your new property in Mississippi:

  • Timberland investment
  • Farm land
  • Commercial development
  • Residential development
  • Hunting, fishing and other outdoor recreation

From a single acre to a vast tract of land, buy the acreage you need at a great value. While prices in some areas, such as near the cities of Jackson, Biloxi and Hattiesburg, can be more expensive, rural areas of Mississippi still offer an excellent price per acre.

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Whether you’re looking or ready to buy land in Mississippi, the team at Advance Land and Timber can help. With years of experience working in the region, we’re confident and qualified to buy or sell your property at the best price.

Mississippi Land for Sale Opportunities

At Advance Land and Timber, our team is experienced in finding quality hunting, farmland or timberland investment properties. We can assist you in identifying the best return-on-investment.

Farm Land

Choose a few-acre parcel for your personal farm or purchase a large area of land for commercial farming development. Take advantage of the low prices and warm climate in Mississippi to grow products for an international market.

Unlike other areas of the nation, Mississippi enjoys verdant land, long growing seasons and a wide range of crops to choose from. For an entrepreneurial farming option, consider purchasing undeveloped land to start a new farm. Otherwise, you can purchase farm land that has been successfully growing crops for generations.

Quality Timberland

There’s more to Mississippi than Magnolia trees. Maple, oak, elm, hickory, pine and various other hardwoods and softwoods are all available in large quantities. Search for timberland for sale Mississippi to secure a long-term investment that doesn’t sacrifice the environmental quality of your land.

Unlike farming or commercial development, timberland is harvested with the environmental effects in mind. When you sell your timber through a certified forester, you can choose a management plan that allows you to receive income from your property while still allowing local plants and animals to flourish.

Few timber investment properties are clear-cut. Instead, we’ll assist you in finding timberland that can afford to have a few, select trees removed to produce a profit while still keeping a balanced ecosystem.

Hunt land

Hunt land for sale Mississippi during deer, turkey, waterfowl or small game season. The variety and abundance of wildlife in the state ensures you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy hunting without worrying about the local animal population. Whether you plan to build a hunting cabin or stalk animals through the undeveloped woods, we’ll help you find the best hunting spots throughout the state.

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